Manufacture and overhaul of automated packaging systems.

Installation and maintenance of automated packaging systems.

CMS Bologna: assembly, overhaul, installation and maintenance of automated packaging systems.

High quality services within the agreed time frame with utmost flexibility and skill.

Our company

CMS was founded in July 2004 in order to exploit the experience we had built up in the mechanical engineering field.

Our challenge: to support our customers by offering them maximum service.

Our aim is to assist our customers every day with the task they entrust us with in an independent way, in order to take the task entirely off their hands while - at the same time - providing them with precise essential information on progress.

We can assemble units and machines using components purchased by our customers, or we can purchase the components ourselves and deal with them on a sale or return basis. This can be done for the mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic parts, right up to the final run-in. We are able to overhaul automated packaging machine units or entire machines, either by dealing with the components that need repairing or replacing ourselves, or by using components provided by our customers.

Our services

  • Third-party assembly:
    to support automated packaging machine manufacturers on their premises or on their customer's premises.

  • Manufacturing from the basic component list right up to the finished unit/machine:
    thanks to our supply chain of sixty suppliers with various specializations scattered throughout Italy, which we have selected for their high quality levels, quality/price ratio, compliance with delivery times, reliability, and ability to solve problems quickly. This means we can manufacture a complete product, from the basic component list right up to the finished unit/machine.
    We also deal with mechanical and electrical procurement and - in addition to mechanical assembly - we take care of the electrical wiring in conjunction with a specialized company also located in Pianoro. This means our customers have a single point of contact and receive the product on time.

  • Overhaul of automated packaging units and machines:
    we can overhaul automated packaging machine units and - if necessary - deal completely independently with the components that need repairing, replacing or adjusting. Again if necessary, we have partnerships with design offices which can produce drawings of components for which there are no more copies.
  • Installation, testing and commissioning of machines, packaging formats or assembled units:
    we support our customers - if required - when installing, testing and commissioning machines, packaging formats and units which we have assembled or manufactured, thanks to our on-site engineering staff who ensure utmost professionalism and skill.

  • Routine or special preventive maintenance service on our customers' machines:
    we put our professionalism behind all stages of after-sales service, scheduled routine maintenance and special maintenance owing to sudden machine stoppages, all with the aim of putting the machines back into production in the shortest possible time, according to our customers' requirements.

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CMS S.r.l.
Via S. Allende, 26
40065 Pianoro (BO)
P.IVA 03159711203

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m

Phone: 051.6260646

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